More Than Just Food


This page is launched today and I hope to slowly grow it in volume as I seek to add information to it. Information that is practical, useful and will contain my own opinions, gleaned from research and my own personal experience.

I need to feel empowered and less at the mercy of misinformation or no information at all.

This page will contain a bunch of posts to help us navigate through the consumer/layperson’s health experience. We will be exploring areas which stand apart from and complement medical care and management. Nothing that claims to replace medical advice.

It will be a page targeted for middle-of-the-road lifestyles and is not targeted at extremes of any kind. No extreme fitness. No extreme diets. Nothing that is a quick and easy fix. The aim here is to encourage us to sustain whatever we find in these sections. I am in here for the long-haul and am not interested in intimidatory or ‘magical’ solutions.

I hope to achieve a quality of life that can be rich and satisfying and my health is a key factor in achieving this goal. I am assuming that we all aspire to the same goal. So if you want the same for yourself, keep checking back as I build this page.

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