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How to Make Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

A scoop of cold chocolate chip ice-cream

Is Privilege Ever Earned?

Introduction I had no choice but to leave my abusive first marriage. I was raised in privilege and my arranged marriage was into a privileged family. With divorce, my children lost all access to extra physical comforts, practically overnight. The luxuries that their peers took for granted? Gone. The social class that gave them […]

The Pressure of Holidays

Introduction I know you are feeling the pressure of the holidays this time of year. It is the 4th of July or the equivalent summer celebration, wherever you live. I know you can’t escape it. There is a pressure to celebrate, have fun and to be happy. There is a call to be active and […]

5 Ways to Reduce the Effects of Stress

Introduction I have been feeling a little tired lately. The momentum to write has been temporarily replaced by the distraction of setting up home and repairing/ fixing problems in my new place. Putting a home together can be enjoyable, for sure. But having to do it over and over again is another thing. It can […]

Change and the Workplace

Introduction When the United States went into Covid-19 lockdown in the Spring of 2020, it was because of a deadly enemy, which just happened to be a virus.   People living in close proximity or interacting in crowded environments, were becoming sick. They were even dying, in alarming numbers. There was no vaccine or cure […]

6 Tips for Moving On a Budget

Introduction I remember when my little boys and I moved out of my former matrimonial house to live in a small, rented apartment. It was the first time I was renting on my own, both as a single mother and head of household. It was also the first time I learnt the true vulnerability of […]

How to Find Your True Home When Moving

Introduction In the last month or so, I have been undergoing a very important transition. I have been making some changes in my life, life in both its physical and emotional manifestations. This exercise is, I believe for the better. While making these changes prevented me from writing for awhile, I am back and am […]

Comfort Food

Introduction I was a very picky eater as a young child. Food did not interest me. My mother fretted over my thin frame and feared malnourishment would doom me. After doggedly feeding me a variety of dishes to no avail, she finally hooked me with one dish. Food Made with Love It was a thick […]


What really makes America special.


Spring emerges out of the darkness and melancholy of winter and then hope re-emerges.


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