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How to Find Your True Home When Moving

Introduction In the last month or so, I have been undergoing a very important transition. I have been making some changes in my life, life in both its physical and emotional manifestations. This exercise is, I believe for the better. While making these changes prevented me from writing for awhile, I am back and am […]

Comfort Food

Introduction I was a very picky eater as a young child. Food did not interest me. My mother fretted over my thin frame and feared malnourishment would doom me. After doggedly feeding me a variety of dishes to no avail, she finally hooked me with one dish. Food Made with Love It was a thick […]


What really makes America special.


Spring emerges out of the darkness and melancholy of winter and then hope re-emerges.


We are so much richer when we bond with people of various races, colors and backgrounds. When we don’t judge or reject people because they are different, we open ourselves to being deeply enriched.

How to Make Bombay Toast

Introduction Nothing signals family holidays as much to me, as breakfasts and brunches. My mother would always make sure that holiday meals, including breakfasts, were extra special. The food had to feel celebratory. Easter food was no exception to the rule. And that is why I am sharing this now. Breakfast and Brunch My husband […]

Violent Racism And Seniors

Introduction I sit down to write this with a heavy heart. I have been carrying this tremendous sadness around with me for a few weeks. Many times during this period, I tried to pen my thoughts regarding this particular heaviness. My sadness is about senior citizens. But words escaped me. I am going to try […]

How to Embrace Change

Introduction My first career mentor was incredibly well-read and a real visionary. He was a jurist and a lawyer. I was in my mid-twenties when I got to work for him. He introduced me to the idea that change is the only constant in the world. That we need to accept change as a real […]

Love and Commitment

Introduction I remember the love letters my father and mother exchanged. My parents wrote them in our native South Asian (Indian) language. I could not read a word of that language but I saw them pass those notes to each other. They shared a secret code. My father called my mother his ‘girl’ until well […]

How to Deal with Gossip

Introduction I look back to my first marriage and the problems I faced, and one of the things I remember, is particularly troubling. I remember the gossip and false rumors that flew about. The Spectrum of Gossip So, what do I mean by ‘gossip’ on the spectrum of discussions about other people? It is […]


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