Mind and Heart Food

This page is a search for the very elements of mental and physical health, that we can adopt for ourselves. It is about all that can be embraced for a healthy state of mind and body. I need to discover what thoughts and perspectives cause the awakening of the mind and maintain the body.

I am on a journey to find out what activities, thoughts and rituals help. While I am an amateur and have no training in the area, I am on a mission. My mission is to get as much information as I can and unpack all the facts. Then, I hope to piece all of that information together into bite-sized, easily digestible posts so you can learn something new too.

I want to discover how all these facets influence our health. This is my journey of learning based on as much research as possible and I want to share this with you. You might even find tips, tools and resources to help you navigate and discover the thinking on this subject.