Food for the Belly

My Food Life — a Home Cook and Eater

An Introduction

The reason this blog is called “Sue’s Life” is well, because it is about my life and life in general.

What life is complete without the involvement of food and eating in it? My life is definitely one where food is a celebration. A daily celebration.

The Origins

My mother was an excellent cook and her great joy was to feed people and watch people eat. She would not sit down to a meal until she had ensured that every single one of her hungry guests had been served a full plate and she even managed to urge seconds on them before she took a bite off of her plate.

I am not that type of cook. I repeat, I am not that person. In fact, my husband of more than fifteen years of being together and more than a decade of marriage, recognizes the ‘hangry’ persona in me. It is probably the only time he stays silent (and believe me he loves to talk), recognizing that it is pointless to engage in rational discussion until I have consumed something, be it a meal or a snack. Bless his heart.

Why Now?

Over ten years ago, I started a little baking venture. Baking had been a personal passion for decades. Family and friends said they could taste the love in my sweet bakes. In a world where people are forced to be cold and objective every day, I wanted to create something that let people just give in to the moment. That’s what happened when people bit into a piece of my bakes. They just surrendered to the pleasure of eating. So I started ‘Baked by Sue’s Life’ It was a hobby and a venture that I did when I could.

Then, several years after that, I was working in a particular organization and my job was basically desk work and everything to do with paperwork. Every Friday, our company would have a breakfast and a member of staff would bring in a combination of treats to help us cope. It was a way to eat our way into the weekend.

Every few months we would also have a potluck, be it St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July or year-end food celebrations. These were my favorite times. I would not quit talking about the ingredients, flavors, textures and sensations. Finally, one day, an accountant in the company and a good friend, ‘P’ asked why I didn’t just start a food blog. I was confused and asked her why she suggested that. Her answer was that no one she knew quite enjoyed talking about food the way I did.

Well, “P” here we are! Here is my channel!!

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