Hello. This is me, Sue. Just like you, I am navigating the ever-changing landscape of life, grappling with and coping with challenges, celebrating moments; big and small, experiencing whatever pieces of life I can and just generally…living. I grew up in Asia and was trained as a lawyer. However, my interests and work cover a whole range of fields. I had the immense privilege of being both teacher and later, lecturer. Teaching and guiding/ coaching happened at critical points in my career and that was immensely satisfying work.

I met my husband in Singapore and moved back with him to the United States. I must say my husband is my number one fan and cheerleader, as far as my writer’s journey is concerned. I am also a mom of adult children now. I live with my family in the western part of the United States.

As you follow me on this journey, you will get to know me but more than that, I hope you will get to know you. Yes, you. I believe we get to know ourselves more intimately when we bond with and connect with our fellow human beings. At the end of the day, life is short and our journeys are intertwined in ways we may not have realized or have ever imagined.

So join me!

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