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Recently, I reached 10,000 hits on this website. For me, it was a big deal. A big deal because I am a careful and measured person. I publish on my website the same way I live my life. So what I publish has been painstakingly thought-out.

Thoughtful Life

My training as a lawyer set me up to approach issues in a manner that is both deliberate and analytical. I never miss an opportunity to research and present information in a comprehensible and useful fashion.

And my disciplined upbringing by two highly-credentialed educators, shaped me to be mindful of my facts. To be careful with my words and actions. And never be hasty or impulsive. To believe that ’empty vessels make the most noise’. And to realize that there are consequences to almost every action.


You see, I am neither cavalier nor nonchalant. And so I have had people come to me for advice because they know I am able to think things through. I believe in having a moral compass. I believe in ethics and in being principled.

Also, I am a product of a few decades of adult life in two regions of the world. There is much I have learnt and now know, because of all this professional training, experience and international exposure.

Single parenthood was a great teacher too.

I have learnt money-management, how to run a business, how to run a household and have been able to be an effective teacher and trainer too. Among many other things.

Learning from My Experience

So, I know which direction I want to take next.

After much research and after careful and considered thought, I know that my original mission to share my thoughts as described in Life has expanded. Now, going forward, I want to help people to navigate their everyday challenges. Not just big picture issues.

You see, I learnt very early on in my adult life, that time is indeed money and money isn’t in endless supply.

I have had people who have copied ideas from my website without understanding my thought process or realizing that I have a specific methodology in fleshing out my work. Indeed, one cannot benefit fully from my work, unless one is provided with the whole package, as it were.

Life Advice

So, I believe that I can help people save time, money and maybe, even help navigate life. In essence what I have learned in my life is going to translate into parts of your life that you want improved.

I believe that our lives are so complicated that a little help here and there, will allow us to focus more time and energy on what we love and do best. Also, we all need a little perspective sometimes to make our days brighter and overall, better.

So while I have given legal and personal advice in the past, I have now broadened my ambit to include advice in a variety of areas. I plan to make my advice focused and concise enough so you can get maximum value from it.

Coming Soon

To make your life much better. So, stay tuned and watch this space!!

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Giving advice that is carefully thought out
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