Why Sons are So Special

“The most important mark I will leave on this world is my son.”

-Sarah Shahi

When a mother loses her child permanently, a little piece of her dies. At least, it seemed like it to me, when my mother lost her only son in a car accident.

Irreplaceable Son

My brother was only 24 when he was killed by a drunk driver. Our family lost a warm, kind and loving son and brother. He was someone who was irreplaceable to us. Why Kindness and Warmth Matter covers his personality in a little more detail.

But, the point I am trying to make is that sons are pretty unique and special family members. They require a special way of being cared for and loved.

Sons are Energy and Light

For example, I had no clue how to raise a son when my first son was born. Overnight, my world got upended. He cried a lot as a baby. He wanted food, attention and apparently, not much sleep. This ball of endless energy came into my life. He cancelled all my carefully pencilled-in plans, in my appointment book, for a very long time after that. My son taught me to be spontaneous, joyous and to not take myself too seriously.

Every outfit I had carefully coordinated for him, for a pleasant outing, got messy, dirty and sometimes torn, as he busily explored the world with the energy of a human dynamo. His affection and frankness were truly endearing.

Sons are Warmth

By the time my second son was born, I had been confirmed as a mother of sons. And relaxed into the role a little more. My sons did not play quietly but were rambunctious, lively and altogether full of fun and laughter. They competed and wrestled as brothers do.

But, it is here I stop to speak of the open frankness, trust and overall affection that sons bring to their families. These cannot be replaced. They can be so protective and loyal if they are shown the right kind of love and affection.

Decent Men

If raised right, sons can go on to be wonderfully protective and loving partners, husbands and fathers. This is why, as a woman and a mother, I do not take for granted this gift of motherhood I have been given. I do see myself only as a teacher and guide. To help them, on their journeys to hopefully, becoming solidly loyal, trustworthy and honorable men.

In the race for gender equality, which I fully support as a woman, I do not think anyone should be excluded from being moral, decent, honorable and generally, of sterling character.


Therefore, in this post I have chosen to share the very real hallmarks of good sons and good men, overall. After all, we cannot make the world a better place. Not, unless each and every person, of any and all genders, is raised to be morally-worthy.

two boys playing with toilet paper rolls
Two sons up to mischief
Photo by Elina Fairytale on Pexels.com

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