Are We Really Sincere?

We have been less than truthful about our circumstances.

Our Self-Opinions

We delight in our gilded lives.

We have over-inflated our morality, exaggerated our actual suffering and we have dared to call ourselves ‘blessed’ as if the latter situation is like winning the lottery.

We have been ‘excited’ about our iced lattes in the morning. We have flashed our ‘perfect’ lives on social media so that someone somewhere is cowering in a corner, feeling unworthy. Every meal has to be ‘decadent.’ Not just good enough to satiate us. Every body has to be perfect so that the normal cannot feel normal.

We have made our daughters ‘princesses’ so their sense of entitlement is repulsive. We have made our sons caricatures of men by denying them the right to be vulnerable sometimes and all they are is angry.

Our Thoughts, Words and Actions

We refuse to accord our fellow man full dignity. We defame and feel superior.

We call unity ‘disruptive’. We call real inclusiveness too beneath our social class. We don’t want to build bridges.

The hate. The lies. Have we given ourselves permission to say the worst things about those beneath us, the less ‘lucky’? Have we quietly mocked their poverty, their tragic circumstances, the color of their skin, their beliefs, their race and disabilities?

We comment on their inability to pull themselves out of difficulty.

Do we unconsciously kick the face of the hungry even as they desperately eat, demanding they openly pay homage to our perceived largesse? Is this all just for show?

We humiliate in the process.

Don’t we?

We Aren’t Helping Ourselves


Let’s be honest. We’ve brought this on ourselves.

We need to stop this pretense of goodness when we are not. We need to be honest about choosing appearances over real integrity.

Do we clutch these blessings with our hands? Do we cup our wine in self-congratulatory toasting? Or do we recognize that what we have is not fully earned and thus not ours to keep forever?

Our cushioned lives are so cushy. But we did not earn any of this. We worked hard but the reality is that we received grace.

We Must Choose

Indeed, do we want all the excess or do we want peace, love and harmony? Do we seek acceptance, respect and understanding?

Deep inside we are hollow. We are empty because we know our true spirit is dying.

We therefore fast because we do not know real hunger. Going into quietness also so we can truly hear the whispers of eternal bliss.

Doing service quietly and anonymously.

And we now realize that we must prepare our souls so that with deep humility, we can earn a place in that eternal dimension.


We are making our choices now.

We crave wholeness.

For in the end we must evolve.

We can’t run away from our final resting place, that is beyond the temporary.

So what we do with this given grace in this moment will ultimately determine our destiny.

reflection of smiling ethnic female on street
Looking at our reflection to seek sincerity
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