An ode to all the oppressed

They call you 'freak', 
They think you're weak. 

They hate your skin, 
But you will win. 

They think they are power, 
But hide and cower.
They think you're inferior,
But they aren't superior.
They play the victims,
But they hate victims.

They victimize,
They show their size.

Don't be afraid.
They are full of hate. 

You're a survivor.
You are a provider.

You have been abused,
You aren't confused.

You have seen the world,
They hate the real world.

They hate your face,
They are the disgrace.
They are so fake,
For goodness sake.

You, you are real,
They cannot feel.

You love, you laugh, you cry, 
They hate themselves, 
That is why, 
They can't break you, though they will try. 

-Sue Gallagher

woman with black tape on her lips
A woman abused and not allowed to speak
Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

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