How to Make Chicken an Inexpensive Part of your Meal-Planning

So let us talk about chicken. No, really.

Why Chicken?

Chicken is the hardworking meat of the middle class. It is versatile, adaptable and takes on the flavor of spices, seasonings and sauces we embellish it with. Chicken is an excellent source of protein. I have previously talked about how vital protein is for fat burning (and other amazing benefits)

It is also more affordable than most other meats and poultry. And what’s not to like about saving money, especially if you are dealing with inflation. More so, if you need to feed a small family.

What Makes Chicken Delicious?

Now, the most important part about cooking with chicken is to understand what brings out the best in a chicken dish. Is it the spices and seasonings? Or the method of cooking? How about the amount of time you take to cook the meat? Is it the way you store the meat? How about the sides you serve it with? What about the cut of the chicken and how the cut is cooked?

My answer is this. All of the above.

Maximizing Chicken Parts

You see, in order to keep to your budget, you need to maximize your chicken parts and what you do to each part to justify the cost of the chicken.

In addition, if you treat each part of the chicken differently and choose the best method to cook the part, you also end up with delicious and satisfying chicken dishes at every meal. For example, breast meat cooks quickly and stays delicious if cooked in liquid. Thigh meat, on the other hand takes longer to cook but is fattier and moist after the cooking process.

Really Stretching your Dollar

If you plan well, you can put aside cuts from a whole chicken, to use for future meals. A meal plan and recipes will guide you through the process. Spending a short time each month planning the dishes you want to make and their corresponding ingredients will spare you a lot of grief later on. When you think about it, stores charge a premium on chicken parts. They do this because these stores know that most of us look at ingredients needed for a chicken recipe just a few days before cooking and then rush to the store to buy those ingredients. All this at the last minute, prior to cooking the dish.


The humble chicken is a reliable option when you need a lot of protein to go round and even if you are having a big meal for guests. There is something about a golden roast chicken or a large pot of chicken stew that reminds us of home and of hospitality. So try cooking some chicken today!

Crispy, golden chicken for a satisfying, affordable meal

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