How to Know You’re Lucky In Life

A ‘luxury’ avocado toast made for a healthy breakfast in 2018


Do you know how to tell if you are lucky? You know, when you feel so blue because things aren’t going your way? Let me show you. This might help give you some perspective. And some hope.

Bad Luck in The Past

December 2018 was tough, health-wise for me. One of those times in life, when like so many other people had before me, I stood on a precipice. I looked down and saw how far I could fall if I didn’t do something. We all say we have no time. My body showed it had to rest and be nurtured.

Here’s the thing, though. I didn’t realize how incredibly fortunate I was at that time, because I had choices and resources. I had been a glass half empty kind of person, up to that point in time.

Being Lucky in the Present

Fast-forward to now.

Looking at myself today, I realize how fortunate I am. To have the ability to do what I can to protect my health, is a luxury. There is a choice for me to do whatever I need to do. I could choose to protect myself and wear a mask. During the harshest period of Covid-19, I chose to go nowhere for the most part, because a system existed to protect most of us. This freedom of choice is a luxury.

But this post, believe it or not, is not all about me.

The Real Victims and Heroes

The reality is that the real victims are people who have no choice. These people risk their safety, every day.

They are also the poorest. These are the people who have no means to put food on the table or to have any kind of roof over their heads. The only way they are able to meet their needs is if they work in the riskiest of conditions, if necessary.

These past few years brought into focus a reality. The reality is that money and financial means will determine your chances of surviving life in general.

The Complaints from the ‘Unlucky’

When I first arrived in this country, I was shocked to hear people complain over the smallest things.

Being unable to get designer shoes. Being devastated because their high school kids did not have a separate car to drive to school. Not being able to afford a fancy Halloween costume or fees to send their children to fancy private schools or colleges. Not having enough to afford a second home. Or even complaints about not having the right grade of wine for their consumption.

The Lucky Ones

We are the lucky ones. We have the luxury – the luxury to argue about our freedoms and the corresponding loss of the same. How lucky are we because we get to lament the last time we got to take a proper vacation versus a mere walk in the park?

We are lucky because we can choose to ignore that invisible class, the poorest of the poor, who have to risk their safety to survive. After all, we work so hard for our money and we deserve to spoil ourselves, as they say.


When I feel the onset of a dark moment, I, for one, try to thank my lucky stars. I try to remind myself that I am, at least in having choices and a set of freedoms, lucky in life. Do you feel the same about your life?

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