Honor and Why it Matters

Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won’t taste good.

Joe Paterno


Dictionary.com, defines honor as “honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions”.

If we answer to a higher power or to that notion that there is more than mere human will, if we see in the world around us, the majesty of nature and forces beyond human understanding, we will be, and seek out, people of honor.

Honor in our Personal Lives

We need to ensure that our inner circle contains people who reflect our core values, or we slowly rot within, morally. This should not happen to us.

In my personal life, I came to realize that a few people within my immediate circle were unsavory human beings who used others for personal gain. I ultimately found out these people were despicable and exploited the weak and the poorest of the poor.

They were removed from my life forever. I did so because I realized I had not been nurturing my true beliefs.

Honor when No One is Watching…

I have written a lot about my naive past. Then, I have emphasized why we need authenticity in our lives. I have also explained why we should never lie to ourselves.

After I had recognized these lessons from my past, I learnt to seek authenticity in myself and others. I identified honor as an important character trait.

On some level, I now believe that when you consistently act with honor and integrity, when you don’t fake your actions to appear to be something you are not, you earn respect. The honorable person earns trust. The fake person, on the other hand, will eventually reveal his/her true self because it is tiring to constantly appear to be what one is not.

Keeping Up Appearances

Really, people often sacrifice honor at the altar of outward success, be it in terms of money, material comfort or professional advancement.

Now, some people submerge themselves in religious rituals or outward deeds of charity and volunteer work, in order to not feel guilty. They know that they do not live their lives with honor. Other people pretend that their intentions and actions are always guided by honor, but they are in essence hypocrites. It is vital that we see hypocrites and know how to identify them .

Honor and Leadership

I believe that honor is the key to being a true leader.

A person who is worthy of loyalty and admiration must be an honorable person. A person who is egotistical, who lies all the time, who never takes responsibility for his own actions and loves to blame everyone else for his situation is not an honorable person. He is just selfish, self-centered and more than that, an awful leader.

The Journey Continues

The point is this. We need to walk the talk. It is very hard to do this.

I have not reached my end point yet. I still struggle to choose to seek out honor on a regular basis. Yet, being on this soul journey to be the Captain of My Soul means there is no other choice but to recognize that honor and integrity are the true hallmarks of success.

It is when we humble ourselves that we are motivated, no even inspired, to behave with morality and with honor. And in that moment we are taken to a whole new level in our soul journeys. And the soul journey is a powerful goal, for me at least.


Ultimately, it is my belief that it is when we understand that we are small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, that we are motivated and succeed in being honorable.

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Honor matters and it is to speak truth.
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