Why We Have Failed Our Children

Substitutes to Helping Our Children

We have failed our children.

We have used objects and symbols as substitutes. As substitutes for being there for our children. For teaching them the important things. Like the difference between wrong and right. We have used objects as distractions from true empowerment. Empowering our children to face life and to deal with daily troubles and true adversity.

Our Boys as Children

At a young age, we have told our boys that big boys don’t cry. So, they grow up expressing and releasing their pain through anger. Through violence. We teach them that weapons are symbols of male power.

We have failed our little boys. We have not provided them honorable father figures in their lives. We have not taught our boys compassion, love and a way to process pain effectively. We have even suggested that displaying true affection and compassion is feminine, a weakness even.

Our Girls as Children

We have failed our little girls. We have taught our little girls to act feminine, taught them subtly, to be gender-objectified and to use femininity as a tool to get what they want as female adults.

We have raised little girls to want to become mothers as soon as they can. We force them into parental responsibility before they are ready.

We have not taught our girls empowerment, independence over themselves and a way to be heard effectively. We have not taught our girls to have a true voice and to be respected for that voice.

Pressuring Our Children

We push our young boys and girls out into the world at 18, not having prepared them to properly face it. We have failed our children. Expecting them to become men and women, ready to protect the next generation.

This is not possible.

Because we have not raised truly empowered young men and women.

Stepping Up for Our Children

We have broken our promises. Promises we made to protect our children.

We need to teach both our sons and daughters all these things: Compassion, self-empowerment, love, independence, healthy ways to process feelings and life lessons on becoming responsible adults. Both boys and girls need all these skills and traits.

If we do not teach all this, we have failed our children.

group of children sitting on couch
A bunch of little children posing for a picture
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