Must Shop: 5 Types of Kitchen Tools You Need In Your Kitchen

We have reached a point in time where our homes are where we voluntarily live, cook and experience our days, purely on our own terms. We are no longer forced to be at home. But we want our lives at home to fulfill us in meaningful ways. A fully-equipped kitchen with the right tools makes this vision possible.

A Life of Balance

Now that we can eat out more freely and lead the lives we want to live, we see cooking at home as a real and fulfilling exercise. Eating out can also be expensive, especially for larger households. Cooking with the right tools in our kitchens, on the other hand, can produce restaurant-quality dishes at a fraction of the price.

Impetus for Cooking Tools in the Kitchen

I have spent decades keeping to a budget and producing or managing the production of tasty, budget-friendly and healthful dishes from my kitchen. And I have done this for years for a family with growing children.

Here, I am actually going to show you the kind of items I would get for myself if I were setting up a brand new kitchen and why. I will also show you how I would pare down my cooks’ tools to these basics if I had a small kitchen.

Kitchen Tools

You might also discover a few useful additions or replacements for your existing cooking tool collection in this post. Also, if you, like me, have been spring cleaning, no matter what season it is, you have wanted to re-organize your kitchen. You want to confine your kitchen tools to items that really add value to your kitchen.

I wrote about Kitchen Equipment and Appliances: Part I:- The Oven and Meals and shared what I absolutely needed in my kitchen in that post. Here is a follow-up to that post.

The items in this post are affordable and perform an essential service.

1. Measuring Tools

Any recipe you wish to follow and get the best results from, especially when you bake, requires precise measurements. Also, you cannot enjoy the exact balance of flavors from a dish unless you use a measuring scale, cup or spoon to add the exact proportions from your various ingredients. This is why I recommend, as an example, these affordable sets below, as starter sets for your first kitchen.

Digital Food Weighing Scale

10-Piece Universal Measuring Spoon & Cup Set

3-Piece Plastic Measuring Cup Set

2. Chop and Prep Tools

If you lack multiple electrical appliances in your kitchen, you will still need to chop and prep your food prior to cooking. You will need sharp, efficient knives and cutting tools to do the trick. A good starter set like the one below, will help you prep basic meals with ease and speed.

DEIK Stainless Steel Knife Set, Manual Sharpening Chef Knives, 16Pcs Knife Tools with Wood Block

6-Piece Wheatgrass-Designed Knife Set

A good chopping board is essential to safely and evenly cut up your food. Moreover, you need more than one board if you cook with meat and fish. Your vegetable board must never be used for meats. This way you avoid bacterial contamination from meat juices and getting sick from cross-contamination.

3-Piece White Plastic Chopping Board Set

3. Other Prep Tools

Kitchen prep extends beyond mere chopping.

There are times when you need to make up a paste of ingredients, which have to be ground beforehand. A mortar and pestle set is an indispensable item at this point.

4-Inch Bamboo Mortar & Pestle

There is also whisking, grating, extraction and other similar activities involved, prior to placing food ingredients in a pan.

This is when items like the ones below might save the day:

7-Piece Kitchen Tool Set

4. Stirring and Maneuvering Tools

Once in the pan, one needs to brush, coat, stir, turn and maneuver the food to ensure complete, even doneness of the food and ingredients. You might need these items below.

5-Piece Silicone Cooking Tools Set

Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set

Stainless Steel Spatula with Black Wooden Handle

Stainless Steel Ladle Set

5. Oil, Seasoning and Spices

If you, like me, have an appetite for a variety of cuisines, you might need small spice racks, bottles of oils and seasonings, placed within easy reach of your cooking zone. You might find that decanting small amounts of spice, oils and vinegars from large receptacles into smaller containers will relieve space constraints within your immediate cooking space.

You can then store the larger bags in airtight containers in a storage area that is far less congested. Here is a handy range of decanting items for your immediate cooking zone.

6-Piece Rotating Glass Spice Jar Set

Cooking Oil Spray Bottle

Silicone Barbeque Brush Glass Oil Bottle


A few useful, hardworking kitchen tools can go a long way in getting dinner on the table. These same tools can make you more efficient and accomplished as a home cook and chef.

Remember, you deserve good tools to cook with as much as a handyman needs good tools to do his job. A good meal cannot be produced without the help of a number of essential cook’s tools.

Simply click on the links or images of relevant items and you can get more details and information about the particular tool.

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A few good kitchen tools make for affordable, delicious, home-cooked dishes
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A Spice is a seed, fruit, root, bark, or other plant substance primarily used for flavoring, coloring or preserving food.Cooking with spices and herbs not only lessens the urge to shake the salt, but also enhances flavor and adds depth to a number of food

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