Curiosity, Thinking and Writing


My now husband, S, is a big fan of my writing. Family also tries to cheer me along, in their totally biased and loving loyalty. So, despite the increasing number of hollering voices, outshouting each other on any and all virtual platforms they can find, I am still here.

Curiosity and Writing

I must tell you, I get very distracted in my curiosity of many topics. So, rather like that crazed cat following the laser pointer light on the wall, I chase every new point of interest that comes into my line of sight. And then write about it.

But, hey, what can I say, I am a Gemini. Geminis love to be masters of none. We are very interested in many, many things. The best I can say is that my introduction page puts it best. “My aim is to offer a space to sit with you, communicate thoughts, perspectives and ideas.”

I have to admit, that in my past, I invested the fruits of my labors in totally unworthy sources. Rather like a disastrous investment in the stock market, I lost. Like it was here But I digress.

Critical Thinking

I have grown much wiser, more intuitive and have used critical thinking skills to discern sincerity and authenticity in people. If you’ve ever met me in person, you would know that I am fiercely committed and in it for the long haul.

I am in such a good place now. I am where I am today because of two factors.

First, I am a product of my education. My training to become a lawyer taught me to question everything. Especially, information that sides with my version of events. You see, you can’t really be effective in winning your ‘case’ if you don’t at least consider the merits of the other side. I also learned to research with great accuracy because this skill was taught in law school.

The second factor, is inspired by my American husband, S. The world I lived in before I met him was very safe in its assumptions. I had a structured Singaporean education and believed in the order of things. However, this very same ‘ordered’ thinking was also rigid and judgmental. So, why was I so afraid to depart from that rigor? It was because I loved being part of the ‘right’ minded.

Thinking, Not Judging

But the reality was that when I met S after an ugly divorce, I had been proven wrong in my rigid loyalty and assumptions.

Therefore, with great trepidation, I entered my second phase of growth into the wiser adult. I read more widely and researched material, even those that ran counter to my beliefs.

The fear of change was real but when I came out the other side, I was stronger. You see, to question beliefs is not disastrous, if your moral foundation is strong. If you believe in certain basic human qualities, you will not get lost. If the anchor is strong, you will not float aimlessly away.

Assessment and Thinking

Today, I am more confident of my assessment of situations and my gut instincts. My critical thinking skills are extremely well developed. At the same time I am less judgmental of people who are very different from me. I realize that there is not only one way to be ‘successful’.

An educated person who is mean is not a success. A wealthy person who refuses to share much, is a failure. A poorer person who shares what little he has is rich in character. A person who couldn’t afford to go to school, but reads widely enough to be open-minded, is a success. A person with little compassion or empathy is a shell of a human being.

I have big plans for the coming months and for next year. I have developed my site into knowledge areas and topics that interest me deeply. So, I intend to share my work with you. I have evolved into a skilled researcher due to my legal education and subsequent jobs in fields that were directly relevant to reading and research. In the past, I generally only wrote pieces for work after thoroughly researching the topics.

Going forward, I promise to research the topics on this site to guide you and to help you form your own ideas.

Your Success

At the end of the day, if you can expand your horizons, settle on what your own perspective will be because I planted a seed in your mind, I have succeeded. The world needs independent thinkers who follow what is right, not blind followers. Glossy smooth talkers can never fool a truly informed person. I want you to learn the skills needed to dig deeper and examine issues with discernment.

I really look forward to traveling this road with you. Have an amazing holiday ahead and get ready to open your mind!

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