Healthy Choices


A healthy life.

If only we could put our finger on what it to takes to keep us healthy. Healthy enough to face each day, with vigor and energy.

Lack of Power in Health Choices

It was when my son got sick recently.

I felt I needed to do more. I have been floundering with my routine, my chores and definitely, writing. Writing, in fact, became the sacrificial lamb. I haven’t written in some time.

I am forever changed by the various health experiences of the past several years. Many of my own experiences at some points stopped me in my tracks. I am certainly impacted by the most recent ones, when I had to deal with a stressful family medical crisis.

I have previously addressed the selfishness of some people who refuse to do the bare minimum to protect the more vulnerable in our society

Lack of Compassion in the Health Sector

I was recently also struck by the corresponding coldness of certain sectors of the healthcare industry. Not the doctors nor nurses. More the whole package. The inefficiencies of the billing process or the administrative side of things. It was as if there is a huge disconnect between the caregivers and the ancillary support mechanism. The pharmaceutical industry also looking after its own bottom line.

I felt like a number. Anonymous. Not a concerned relative and the mother, of a patient needing the compassion of the industry.The medical industry is becoming bigger and more profit-focused.

Personal Health Empowerment

I felt a need to feel empowered and less at the mercy of misinformation or no information at all.

My choices were limited given that I am not medically trained. So, in addition to medication and the doctor’s instructions, I resorted to harvesting my greens like crazy.

When a delicate digestive system is the issue, even spices are out of the question. So I made green soup.

It sounds a little desperate, I know.

The Unveiling

But I also have decided to devote some of my time to the subject of personal health and wellness. Hence, I am launching this new page: We have learnt through the Covid-19 pandemic that we are extremely vulnerable to a tiny, faceless enemy with an incredible ability to adapt.

I refuse to sit back and not do more to protect myself and my loved ones. I wonder if you feel motivated to arm yourself with the tools to help yourself too.

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