Growing Vegetables in a Small Space


I have to admit. I have been obsessed lately.

With what, I hear you ask. Growing greens. More precisely, organic, pesticide-free vegetables.

Organic Vegetables

You see, I need to eat better. So, I am following through on my quest to lead a healthier lifestyle and hence, eat better. I talked about the fragility of life and the need to pursue health for longevity in

First, there was a need to ensure a cost-effective way to get at fresh, pesticide-free vegetables that don’t rot quickly. Secondly, I needed a long-term solution to my vegetable and greens dilemma because the truth is that I have health issues and am only getting older. My diet has to adapt to these needs.

Therefore, after a respectable amount of research, I embarked on my quest.

Vegetables in a Small Space

I wanted a space-saving, organic, indoor-grown plant system. When I say space-saving, I mean space-saving. This ‘garden’ sits between my fridge and the kitchen window. The footprint is a mere 2.5 by 3 feet an area. Here is the object of my mad obsession.

A bunch of greens growing in a tiny space at a few weeks old

So initially, I would pick a few greens and my family and I would share the leaves to give an antioxidant boost to our main meals.

A few greens in a bowl to share

Caring for My Vegetable Plants

Then, with plant food and a lot of tender-loving care, our plants got bigger. I pair automatic light and watering schedules, with my efforts to tend to the ‘garden’. These tasks include feeding the greens with plant food, balancing the PH, trimming leaves, branches, bug duty and ‘major’ cleaning.

I have to admit ‘major’ cleaning is a real investment in time. But the plants stay happy and healthy. And our daily pickings of greens have increased.

Clean and happy vegetable ‘garden’

Suddenly, the flavor of store-bought lettuce has paled in comparison.

A Dish with an Herb

Then one day, I had enough to harvest off of just one plant. The basil plant had enough leaves to make organic pesto! As you know, pesto should ideally be made with organic leaves to avoid consuming a toxic chemical or two.

Bright, beautiful basil

And so, I used my favorite pesto recipe and the basil was a real star in this dish.

Home-grown, freshly-picked basil in pesto just before the final step

With gnocchi, the pesto was exquisite. We licked our plates clean.

Gnocchi with home-grown basil in a pesto sauce


At this point, my ‘garden’ continues to grow and flourish. I am really hoping I can keep it alive and healthy. I am a novice ‘gardener’.

However, I am not a novice cook and baker. I have plans to make more nutritious dishes. We are looking forward to a lot more delicious meals from freshly-picked greens and vegetables.

Wish me luck!

A growing garden of herbs, greens and vegetables.


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