The Body and the Senses

It is a holiday today. So the day’s routine is far more relaxed, less regimented.

Move the Body.

The morning begins with a yoga routine. Gentle, yet powerful movements of the body. Perhaps the only time of the day when my brain doesn’t wander. The focus is on the movements, the counting and the holding. The muscles and joints slowly relax as stiffness gives way to looseness and relief.

close up photo of woman in pink crop top meditating
A woman in a yoga pose
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Sip and Sense.

I like to sip my cup of instant coffee first thing. One teaspoon coffee powder, a teaspoon of sugar and a bunch of cream with screaming hot water.

A cup of steaming, hot coffee to welcome a new day
Photo my own

Views and Perspective.

I then travel to the breakfast table, placed by the kitchen window.

Recently, I bought a set of cafe curtains on sale. They are yellow, checkered, cafe curtains and they are paired with a gauzy, cream curtain. The gauzy curtain comes in a bee-flecked motif. It has taken some time to furnish our home after our recent move. Curtains weren’t a priority because the place came with generic aluminum blinds. But the sunny cheerfulness of these curtains can’t be underestimated. Plus they block the intrusive apartment building across from us, while preserving the blue-sky view above and the natural landscapes in the distance.

light sky fashion love
Opening the curtains and letting the light in.
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See and Take it All in.

I take in the view and let it sit in my brain.

The distant green slopes and undulations. Rugged and awe-inspiring. This vast land has much to show off, still. The dazzling blue-ness of the sky. The birds seem to be quite taken by the view too. They perch on the power lines, all facing in one direction. They gather as if the wires and the power pole are their local watering hole.

Then, a quick look at my tiny, indoor, hydroponic garden. Tiny vegetable shoots, pale green.

Listen and Absorb.

As I sit and rest, I soak in the calming sounds of a meditative instrumental tune, found on Pandora. The harp and flute combination is truly therapeutic. Bliss.

young woman listening to music in earphones in apartment
Woman listening to relaxing music on her headphones.
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Smell and Breathe in.

The aromatherapy oils that hiss out softly this morning are lavender and jasmine. A heady combination.

food wood sea beach
Aromatherapy oils
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So, is this post about nothing?

If rest is nothing. If doing nothing is nothing. When and if, breathing in deeply and letting out toxicity and stress is nothing, When ridding ourselves of the after-effects of energy vampires is nothing. See and how important it is to be rid of energy vampires. If giving ourselves permission to rest and relax is nothing. Otherwise, it is life and life-giving, Being alive and well. Being at peace with ourselves.

Then, it is absolutely everything.

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