I have a confession to make.

This particular section of my site has been the one I have been most nervous about publishing. You see, if you asked me what I really like to do when it comes to food, it is that I like to eat. Yes, eat.

Cooking and Baking

I love to bake and cook because it is stress-relieving. Everything from the mindful concentration when measuring out ingredients to the pleasant sounds of chopping to the smell and texture of ingredients and of the completed dishes themselves, makes me happy.

However, here is a caveat. I am an impatient cook. I don’t adhere strictly to tradition and am happy to produce hybrid dishes with unknown parentage and questionable cultural purity. Nothing here is a careful marrying of flavors. My process is a result of what I like to cook and what I think tastes good enough for others to enjoy too.

Cultural and International Exposure

My husband is an avid cook too. Between his Irish-British-Scottish American legacy and my Indian-Singapore (read ‘Asian’) heritage and experience, we cover all bases when it comes to flavors, ingredients and influences. We don’t fuss over ‘authentic’. We only believe in delicious and satisfying. This food is not fancy, it is comfort. Our cooking and eating life is very much part of the American dream and is the satiated life we live in the United States.

The experience of cooking and preparing our food is where our daily lives reside because it invokes memories, invites togetherness and activates the senses. That is why I decided to add this component to my site. So take a peek!

A delicious pie

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