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Welcome to My Life. This is where we gather and meet up. I would be happy if my site and my musings piqued your interest. My hope is that you will be inspired by stuff I come across. I want to talk to you about our common causes and interests. My aim is to offer a space to sit with you, communicate thoughts, perspectives and ideas.

The Background

I was trained as a lawyer. My work in public service was the foundation of my work-life and shapes how I see civic life. In addition, I have spent a fulfilling and satisfying chunk of my career as teacher and instructor.

I draw my worldview from having lived in my corner of the world in the United States. My life perspective is also definitely drawn from the specific environment I am in now. But it is also from where I grew up, in Singapore.

The Life Journey

I believe that we are all on a common journey–called Life. Sharing is the best way to make the journey an authentic experience. We genuinely experience Life by nurturing relationships and making new friends along the way!

I have thoughts, tips and stories to disseminate, albeit from my life. If they help you and resonate with you, we have reached each other at a level of depth and meaning which reflects our shared journey.

For example, I have thoughts on the importance of our soul journeys in Captain of My Soul. Or, about how we uphold our moral beliefs while we interact with people in Integrity.


The reason I think this connection between you and me can happen is that it gives us strength in numbers. I just want to open up and share common experiences.

I hope that we can work on our mental, physical and social health together. You and I. In addition, I will share my personal interests. I am actually a food-lover and food is something I love to talk about and discuss.

At present, I live in the United States and say “hello” to you, wherever you may be reading this from. If you want to know where to go next, click

“…if they help you and resonate with you, we have reached each other at a level of depth and meaning which reflects our shared journey.”

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*Please seek permission first, if you are going to copy my work in whole or in part. Kindly acknowledge me as the source in all circumstances. You are able to share my posts and pages once you acknowledge me fully as the author, not otherwise. Thank you.

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